#RisingAir Design Upgrade for AIR? Input Please – Update 83

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If you’ve time it would be great if you could take a minute to watch this weeks update.

As you know Shawn just got back from Shenzhen and there’s been a flurry of activity jamming in as much as possible before the team over there celebrates New Year. (Yes they were hard at work while most of us took a few days off!)

An important comment came in about a week ago which prompted us to revisit a couple of aspects of AIR that would have been just fine, but we feel could be even better. Kind of a missed chance to hit our own high-mark if that makes sense.

AIR works three ways, as you’ll recall. On top of MAGFAST Wall, on your wall… on a surface with any of our power banks like Life, Life Extreme or even Road or Time snapped on the back… or with its desk stand and a USB cable in the back.

Clearly, to work on Wall it only needs and can only have a modest incline, which is fine, but we feel there’s a chance to tweak the design and give your phone a more ‘friendly’ angle when on a counter or desk.

We’ve come up with an amazingly simple… perhaps, now its here, even an obvious solution – and we’d really love it if you’d take a look and let us know what you think, please. 🙂

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