#InTheStudio – Update 66



Thank you so much for your incredible, kind, wonderful good wishes for Amy on her birthday. She’s had a relaxing few days in Montana with our younger daughter Hudson while I and the rest of the team have been hard at work on MAGFAST!

This coming week two of the engineers on the MAGFAST team are flying from Taipei to Shenzhen to finalize the prototypes. It will be great to finally get them in hand and sign off so we can get to tooling.

I’m pushing hard on a lot of the small details now. As you know we’re getting a series of upgrades to the original provisional specifications and I’m leaning in hard to include as much as we can without impacting the timeline further.

As you know we email/update you every week and most weeks we stream on Facebook Live. That’s a big logistical commitment for a small company.

The truth is we don’t know of any other team that does this, certainly not with the livestream, but if you’ve been with us on this journey for more than a week or two you know we serious about being transparent with you and keeping in close touch.

Anyway, there’s no livestream this week because we’re tied up in our little studio making a series of videos for Pinterest (who’ve been pushing us hard to get on their platform) and new material for Facebook. (If you run a business yourself you may have noticed that Facebook has been behaving very strangely over the last couple of weeks so everyone has a lot of work to do to get their social marketing back on track.)

Thank you again for your support and endless encouragement – and for your kind words to Amy last week.