#Across the Pond & more info about your free MAGFAST Wall – Update 68


I was over in England for 5 days last week. Several things came together at once. First I was looooooong overdue a visit with my father, who isn’t able to get out much these days. Second, I discovered an astonishingly cheap new airline (more on that in a moment) and third – in part because of the cheap flight – at the last minute I decided to accept the invitation of my sister-in-law Niki Segnit to a small event at a London bookstore celebrating the publication of her remarkable new cooking book Lateral Cooking.

There are several reasons I’m telling you all this. First, I didn’t write last week and wanted to apologize for that. Second I’m very proud of Niki’s work. Lateral Cooking isn’t formally launched in US yet but her last book was amazing and I think this will be too.

But the main thought for this week is around that cheap flight! Astonishingly you can often get across the Atlantic AND BACK for less than $300. All in a shiny new Airbus plane – probably the cleanest I’ve ever been on – with comfortable modern seats, decent legroom… its  almost indistinguishable from flights costing two or three times as much, with one exception:

You buy the seat, then you add what you want. Want a carry on? $15. Checked bag? I think it was $40. Meals all extra too, but nothing to stop you bringing you own food onto the plane.

Let me just repeat the headline: All the way across the Atlantic and back – 9,000 miles flying through the air for about $300. 150 years ago many the kings and queens who ruled the world would have given all the gold in their kingdoms just to fly at all… Today you can fly 1/2 way round the world for less than a couple of car payments. It’s truly astonishing.

And yet half the folks on the flight were complaining about having to pay to add extras to their astonishing and clear deal.

Here at MAGFAST we have an offer we make for a FREE charger in return for checking out our demo. If you’re reading this there’s a good chance you’ve seen this (but if not check it out here – attendees give it an average 4.8*  rating!).

Many folks love what we’re doing so much they choose to pre-order a full Pro Kit… your support is what makes this whole project possible.

Many who choose to just get the free MAGFAST Wall charger are kind enough to add things like adapter tips, our MAGFAST Air wireless charger, or upgrade to Double-the-Power. We don’t really make much with these upgrades, but the help to cover the cost of the free chargers, and its a win-win because you get priority right after our Pro Kit folks.

And some folks – entirely fairly – just choose to put their name on the list for just the FREE Wall… and we love you’ll every bit as much.

I just have one request for our FREE Wall folks. Please understand that – unlike most junky free giveaways – this is a full-on, premium quality charger of the highest quality. It has super-safe and ultra-advanced circuits. It’s being made alongside and to the same insanely high standards as the entire MAGFAST range. It will cost us more just to buy the components for your charger (let alone the cost of manufacturing etc) than the price at which most chargers retail. And with Quickcharge 3.0 it’s a really GREAT USB charger all by itself. For free. It’s fair for us, as every other business on the planet does, to offer extras and upgrades alongside that.

Thank you for your incredible encouragement and support… We’ll do a team video update for you again next week.

Please keep your questions coming – Hello@MAGFAST.com