#LotsOfLeaves Latest on the Forest You’ve Built – Update 94

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It’s a simple update this week, to say thank you for being a part of what we’re doing at MAGFAST.

Whether you’re one of our major supporters who joined us on day one… or you only just found MAGFAST recently you’re probably the kind of person who understands ‘there is no Planet B’ and that’s why we have our permanent program to plant a tree for every charger.

We’re sure you know it was Earth Day a few days ago and we took the opportunity to make sure we’re up to date with our contributions to our friends Trees for the Future (Trees.org).

Thanks to you we’re now up to 117,142 trees… That would be like clearing half of Manhattan to add another four and a half Central Parks!

We always talk about the incredible job trees do of cleaning the air. In fact working with Trees.org they do SO MUCH more with the ‘Forest Garden Approach.’

The FGA is one of the most efficient and effective agricultural development tools used today.

TREES.org’s four-year, phased program works directly with impoverished farmers to develop their own agroforestry practices that can generate an average income increase of 400 percent while benefiting the environment.

The Forest Garden is a multi-tiered mixture of trees, shrubs, and crops that grow on about two acres of land. They train locally-based technicians to work on the ground with groups of farming families and design Forest Gardens that will maximize fruit and crop yields and provide consistent income and nutrition while also improving the quality of the land being farmed.

Your 117,142 trees go to make up more than 29 typical forest gardens, helping over 8,500 folks lead a more secure and dignified life.

So thank you, from all of us at MAGFAST, for making this possible.

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