#FineDetails Inside Scoop Inside the Scoops – Update 91

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We thought you’d enjoy a bit of an inside look at some of the design work we did this week.

If you’ve been with us for a while you may have met Christos Ragias our amazing DFM (design for manufacturing) guru.

Christos is an amazing talent… it was in fact working with him that the full idea of the fast-and-magnetic-let’s-call-it-MAGFAST interface first emerged several years ago. We knew we wanted a quick way of snapping stuff together magnetically – but the full idea (that now seems so obvious)of being able to stack/string items together so that any two products pair perfectly came from some long sessions of working with Christos. Too many to mention – but one detail that you’ll see prominently here and that is critical is the ‘pimples and dimples’ connectors – the squares and circles and North-South magnets that make it so easy to connect MAGFAST components correctly.

Have a wonderful weekend and please drop us a line any time 🙂

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