#Awesome Latest from My Visit to Shenzhen – Update 87

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Airport food courts are, it seems, much the same the world over. Seymour is writing to you from Hong Kong International Airport with Disney, Chanel and McDonalds just a few feet away!

Anyway, it’s been a very important week for MAGFAST, and Seymour is hoping you’ll take a few minutes to watch this update he recorded for you before the 16 (not a typo, sixteen) hour flight back to New York!

We’d really like you to see it because we can’t really express in writing how pleased he is, not just with the progress made but also at just how great the team is there on the ground… and the quality of the factory.

In the video, Seymour hints at a famous brand that uses the same factory MAGFAST is using. We think you’ll be pleased…

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