#ExtremeCare Little Know Details on Extreme’s 🍑 Bottom (!) – Update 127

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Just before recording this week’s update for you a bunch of gorgeous images came in from Filip our amazing 3D guy – and Seymour couldn’t resist showing you a couple.

As Seymour was looking at one (you’ll see) he was struck by the crazy amount of work that has gone into it over many, many months… resulting in something that looks so simple.

It’s a theme we’ve touched on before. The traditional way of making electronics (and still the norm for chargers) is to define a spec and leave the engineers to throw it all together.

When you look at this now you’ll be reminded that we’re doing the complete opposite at MAGFAST. It’s ALL about care over the details. It takes longer and costs WAY more, but just look at what we’re creating here with your support.

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