#AtHome Work Continues: ‘Studio’ Tour – Update 131

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Seymour signed off on 3 of the 6 mechanical product designs this week. Life, Extreme and Air. It’s an important step that gets us significantly closer to production.

We wish it were all 6, but are grateful that as so much of the world has come to a complete halt, we’ve kept moving forward. So many businesses have stopped and will never restart – we’re blessed that we’re still on track.

Many people like you have written saying how much they like the ‘behind the business’ updates we do – one guy even emailed recently that he’d just ‘binged’ every single update (and this is number 131!!!). Others have told us the ‘how we do it’ videos make a big difference as they work to develop their own businesses. So….

Fun short video for you this week.

Like most of the world we’re all working from home. Unlike many we’re blessed that we’re used to working this way, so figuring out how to patch together all the tech has been relatively easy.

As we double-down on these updates Seymour has been ‘upgrading’ (!) the very DIY “studio” at home. It’s basically an area at the foot of the staircase that he has commandeered with a bunch of… well take a look.

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