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MAGFAST Is a Family of Chargers That Connect Magnetically to Nix Cord Clutter for Good

See MAGFAST at Paste Magazine: Chargers. They’re vital for so many different things, from your laptop to your phone to your tablet or watch. In every case, they get in the way, though, right? I have a disorganized pile of cables to sort through and I know I’m not alone. That’s why MAGFAST looks like an […]

Charge all your devices without all those wires with the Magfast Family

See MAGFAST at Digital Trends: People want what they want, and apparently, that’s a charging system that doesn’t involve a lot of cords, cables, and tangles. On March 21, the crowdfunding campaign for the Magfast Family went live, and in about 15 minutes, managed to reach its goal of $300,000, indicating the strong desire for […]

MAGFAST – Changing Charging, Conquering Crowdfunding

See MAGFAST at PRNewswire:—changing-charging-conquering-crowdfunding-616922354.html   MAGFAST reaches goal in 14 minutes 29 seconds MAGFAST, a startup comprised of an expert team in crowdfunding and product development, has reached its goal of $300,000 in their crowdfunding campaign for MAGFAST Family™. As a result, MAGFAST Family™, the complete system of chargers, will go into production with an expected delivery date to […]

Lots of hype, lots of early backers for MAGFAST

See MAGFAST at My Desultory Blog: TechFriday: Lots of hype, lots of early backers for MAGFAST   A couple years ago I backed Seymour Segnit’s ThingCharger project and was very pleased with the “plug-charger” gizmos. After learning from his previous launch, the sharp marketer is giving a new “system project” a try. Take two, if you will. This […]

MAGFAST Family Of Chargers Announced

See MAGFAST on the IT Nerd Blog: MAGFAST Family Of Chargers Announced MAGFAST has announced the launch of MAGFAST Family, the world’s first complete system of chargers that work beautifully together to eliminate messy charging cables, thanks to world-class design, and the power of magnets. Each individual MAGFAST charger works brilliantly on its own, charging any modern mobile […]

Seymour Segnit, CEO and Founder, MAGFAST

See MAGFAST at Cheddar:

LADERS Magfast, de laatste powerbank die je ooit nodig hebt?

See MAGFAST at Gadget Gear: Magfast, de laatste powerbank die je ooit nodig hebt?   Het is een bijzondere lancering, die van de Magfast. Een powerbank concept dat de LEGO onder de powerbanks belooft te zijn. Een concept waarbij je in één keer zes producten ontvangt en daarna niets meer te wensen hebt. Het concept […]

MAGFAST at Computer Talk Radio

Listen MAGFAST at Computer Talk Radio:   This week’s contents: – 00:00 – News of the nerd world – Elon Musk, Yelp, Kroger, Facebook, Netflix, and more – 11:00 – Why did it die so fast? – Benjamin reflects on planned obsolecense in computing – 22:00 – Charging your phone – Keith covers smartphone charging […]

MAGFAST has earned the McAfee SECURE certification.

Read more at McAfee website: MAGFAST Family Charging System Designed by wife and husband team Amy & Seymour Segnit, and catalysed by the crowd, MAGFAST is a revolutionary new family of chargers that just connect beautifully – with each other and the world’s mobile devices. With gorgeous design and the magic of magnets, MAGFAST […]

MAGFAST – Trademark Details

Read more about MAGFAST here:    

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